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How does the NST help students gain entry into selective high schools?

By being similar to the Selective High Schools Placement Test, the NST provides an opportunity for students to familiarize and prepare them for the conditions, format and types of questions of the examination.


How many times may students sit the NST?

Students may sit the NST twice (NST1 and NST2). We highly recommend that students sit both the spring NST (NST1) and summer NST (NST2), as they offer the opportunity for students to see how and where they have improved and areas that still need to be worked on.


When and how will students receive their results and reports?

Students will receive their test reports by email. Email test reports should normally be available within 1 week from the NST exam date.
If students do not receive their results in the timeframe please contact us.


What to expect if you have underachieved in the NST?

Please understand that a low score in the NST does not always correlate to bad results in the Selective High Schools Placement Test. As the Saying goes, practice makes perfect. Remember that the NST is a practice exam to provide an indication of a student’s current abilities. There is no need to panic about low scores, as you always have time to improve.